Green Fleet

 A challenge for ASCO’s European transport team is the stop-start nature of the work. It’s fuel thirsty – the average truck does 6 miles per gallon, but to help battle against the inefficiencies of stop-start driving and reduce our carbon footprint, the ASCO UK transport fleet is undergoing an upgrade. 16 Renault Premiums were introduced in 2011, and another 17 arrived in 2012. These smarter, cleaner trucks are fitted with Euro 5 engines, are EEV (which stands for enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle) compliant, take AdBlue liquid and are equipped with tracking devices.

Euro 5 engines comply with the latest EU standards but their EEV status mean the trucks’ performance goes beyond the legal minimums. These engines are more fuel efficient and contain less Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO) in the emissions they do produce. 

The transport team also makes sure all its trucks use AdBlue, a liquid that increases fuel efficiencies and decreases toxic emissions further than the Euro 5 engine alone. 

The Renault Premiums are also equipped with tracking and five minute shutdown devices. Between the two, the average daily idling time has been cut by almost an hour. Again, this is improving operational efficiency and reducing ASCO’s environmental impact.

Another environmental initiative is SAFED training (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) for all our European drivers. SAFED trained drivers typically use almost 10% less fuel, meaning reduced emissions, reduced impact on the environment and a reduced fuel bill. The transport team also runs a ‘miles per gallon’ competition, encouraging their drivers to drive their very best. A league table shows each driver’s monthly mp/g and the prize is £100 for the three most fuel efficient drivers.