ASCO Middle East Leads the Way in Raising Safety Standards

ASCO’s Middle East business has been engaging local suppliers and contractors on safety at a series of successful quarterly safety forums. 

A recent forum was with local transportation contractors on the topic of forklift safety and working at heights. Representatives from ASCO’s Middle East clients, MB Petroluem and BP Oman, were in attendance at the three-hour event. Both were pleased to see ASCO taking the lead in engaging with local contractors and helping to raise safety standards.

In keeping with the theme of the forum, attendees heard about a new winching configuration which ASCO Middle East is pioneering locally in partnership with one of its main suppliers. Charlie Dawson, the Technical Lifting Authority from BP Oman also spoke at the event. He outlined the standards required by BP Oman for lifting and winching operations specific to their concession area. 

At the forum, attendees also received a progress report from the local working group which was formed to develop training and competency standards for all safety critical roles employed during rig moving operations. This is a group hosted by ASCO, with the aim of capturing the knowledge and experience of all operations and HSE personnel from the main rig moving companies in Oman.

Dean Sharkey, ASCO Middle East HSEQ Manager, commented: “These forums are a really useful way to engage our contractors and help keep them focused on maintaining the best safety standards.”