Technical Consultancy

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential documents, which enable lifting operations to be carried out safely and consistently. Policies set a company’s philosophies and boundaries, whereas procedures detail the series of steps that are needed to accomplish specific tasks. Together, they provide a framework in which decisions can be made.

Lifting Equipment Control and Operation Procedure (LECOP)

Companies can save time and money by purchasing an NSL LECOP, which contains a policy document and procedures on all aspects of lifting operations including, but not limited to; the initial selection of the correct equipment through to procurement, storage, rigging loft operations, issuing control, pre-use inspection, safe use of equipment and accessories, routine examinations, maintenance, repairs and certification. It also contains guidance on personnel competence, the planning of lifting operations and risk assessment.

Sample LECOP index

Lifting Operations Procedures (Workforce)

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Planning and Risk Assessment
3.0 Pre-use Inspection Procedures (for use by personnel / users)
4.0 Mobile Crane Operations
5.0 Forklift Operations
6.0 Rigging Loft Operations
7.0 General Crane Operations
8.0 Man Riding Operations
9.0 Country / Work Site / Installation Specific

Appendices Quick Reference Index

Support Procedures (Supervisory Level)

1.0 General Information
2.0 Illustrated Technical Reference Manual on Lifting Equipment
3.0 Data for the Procurement of Lifting Equipment and Accessories
4.0 Control Documents for the Hiring of Lifting Equipment and Usage of Contractor’s Gear
5.0 Maintenance of Equipment
6.0 Written Scheme of Examination
7.0 Company Special Instructions / Standards
8.0 Reference Documents and Standards

The Policy Document (Management Level)

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Purpose
3.0 Scope
4.0 Definitions
5.0 Reference Documents and Standards
6.0 Activities - Controlling Procedures
7.0 Roles and Responsibilities (Offshore / Onshore)
8.0 Third Party Responsibilities
9.0 Training and Competence