Safety Hardware

The Work at Height Regulations specify that every employer must plan for emergencies and rescue from height. The need for rapid and effective rescue is particularly important for personnel using protective systems such as harnesses, where a delay may have drastic consequences, particularly if the person is injured. By utilizing one of the NSL rescue kits as part of your rescue plan you can recover a casualty easily and quickly, so reducing the risk of suspension trauma.

Push / Pull Poles are designed to help facilitate ‘hands-free’ lifting. They are a modified aluminium telescopic boat hook with a rubber buffer at the other end. The hook end can be used at full extension (approximately 2.1m / 7ft) to retrieve tag lines hanging vertically without a load handler having to go too close to a suspended load. The rubber buffer is used to push against suspended loads to guide them, especially when landing loads in tight or congested spaces. Once again, this allows the operator to remain a safe distance from the load until it has landed. The poles would normally be fully retracted (for rigidity) during this type of use where their length is 1.2m / 4ft. However, they can be used half-extended if required but if too much pressure is applied, they will telescope in.

Push Pull Pole

The Telescopic Pole Rescue System is a compact, self contained rescue system which allows a casualty to be recovered by a single rescuer. Once the casualty has been connected, they can be raised or lowered by one person to a safe place. The wide casualty attachment hook can be fastened to various points on the casualty for simplicity and ease of operation. 

System features: 3.25m Rigid Telescopic Pole, Haul Cam Patented Rope Grab, Karabiner, Pulley, Quadra Rope Device (various lengths available), “Protects” Anchor Sling, Carrying Bag
Rope lengths available: 25m (80ft), 50m (165ft), 75m (250ft), 100m (330ft)

Two ropes attached to the lower side of the Petzl Rigging Plate provide a means by which various rescues can be performed. This system allows a rescuer to be lowered large distances to a casualty (i.e. on a derrick structure); either to simply release the casualty onto the rescue rope or to provide urgent first aid prior to a rescue being carried out.

System Features: Two independent Adjustable Webbing Anchor Slings (Petzl Connexon Vario C42V) attached via auto locking (Ball Lock) Karabiners to the top edge of a (Petzl) Rigging Plate. Rope lengths available: 60m (200ft), 30m (100ft), 15m (50ft).

Rescue Kits can be customised to suit environmental requirements. NSL also provide essential training for your chosen Rescue Kit.