Safety Animations

NSL’s short safety awareness animations feature our 3D characters in amusing and thought-provoking situations. The animations work well as standalone safety reminders - or as part of ‘Safety Moment’ packs which include relevant training materials for use before and after viewing to reinforce the message, encourage discussion, and measure understanding. 

Animations can also be customized to show characters wearing your company PPE, i.e. specifically coloured coveralls and hardhat featuring company logos.

We can also create specific animations covering your chosen subject. For this process, our technical department can assist with storyline and scripting. Storyboards and example images are provided before final production and company specific training materials can be produced to accompany the animation.

Each pack features 3 animations with accompanying presentation materials.
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Pack 1

Safe Positioning

Shows the importance of sticking to the rules regarding safe areas, no matter what!

Injuries to fingers and hands

Highlights how important fingers and hands are and how a lapse in concentration can be life changing.

Communications & Fatigue

Shows the importance of clear communications and paying attention during Toolbox Talks.

Pack 2

Always establish a lifting plan

Shows the importance of sticking to an established lifting plan.

Lifting operations require a qualified banksman

Illustrates the reasons why a qualified Banksman is required for lifting operations.

Pre-use Inspection

Highlights the importance of thoroughly checking equipment before a task.

Pack 3

Dropped Objects

Shows how dropped objects can be dangerous to you and those around you.

Ensure personnel are trained and authorised

Highlights the dangers of unauthorised and untrained personnel operating equipment.

Slinging Loads & Cargo Security

Illustrates what can happen if you take shortcuts to try to complete a task in a hurry!