Fall Protection Competent Rescuer : 2 Day

2 Day Fall Protection Competent Rescuer

Courses run on demand.


This course has been designed for personnel who are responsible for implementing, managing and monitoring a fall protection program. In addition, emergency response and rescue personnel. The course includes a lecture on the theoretical aspects followed by a practical demonstration and exercises.


Theory Content

  • Fall Protection Regulations
  • Responsibilities of the Rescuer
  • Fall Hazard Recognition, Elimination and Controls
  • Types, Selection and Detailed / Pre-use Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment
  • Certified and Uncertified Anchor points
  • Fall Protection / Fall Avoidance
  • Fall Cycle
  • Work Restraint, Work Positioning, Fall Arrest
  • Falling, Impact Forces and Suspension Trauma
  • Fall Protection Rescue Procedures
  • Rescue Equipment / Kits
  • Management of Fall Protection and Rescue Equipment

Practical Content

  • Detailed and Pre-use Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment
  • Assessment of Working Areas
  • Assessment and Selection of Uncertified Anchor Points
  • Demonstration and Exercises in Work Restraint, Work Positioning, Fall Arrest
  • Rescue Equipment / Kits
  • Vertical Raising and Lowering of a Casualty
  • Rescue exercises (included timed assessment)
  • Rescue Plans


Supervisors of authorized and competent personnel.


This course is highly practical in nature and combines an in-depth theory presentation with practical demonstrations and rescue scenarios / exercises. Delegates are assessed by means of observation and a written paper.


Delegate numbers are minimum four to maximum eight per course.


The North American Working at Height Handbook.


Delegates are required to bring along coveralls and safety boots 

(delegates will be issued with a specific working at height helmet).