Servicing Shale

Shale gas is the talk of the oil and gas industry and ASCO can easily transfer its services to support this emerging market, as Andrew Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer - Europe explains.

“At the moment we are looking at shale gas as a developing market and ways we can adapt the services we currently provide in traditional markets and offering them in the shale gas market.

“Currently main areas for shale gas development are Europe, North America and in the Middle East. It has been an established natural gas resource in the USA for the last ten years. Although shale gas production is very much in the infancy stage in Europe and the Middle East, both of these areas offer significant opportunities for us.

“Although the technology is different from traditional methods, much of the support network and supply chain remain the same and ASCO has significant expertise in onshore rig moves through our MOKO division in Canada and our Middle East operations, transport and warehousing. The treatment of waste water from the fracking process will also be an opportunity for our waste management business. We are well placed to bring this expertise to bear in the emerging shale markets across the world.”