Bringing it all Together – From the USA to Oman

ASCO can provide a suite of managed services in support of onshore exploration and production work in environments ranging from the oil sands of Alberta to the deserts of Oman. Specific onshore services include rig and skid moving, camp services, transport management, waste management, warehouse management, pipe storage/handling and fluids and bulks management; however many of our other services can be integrated into a service bundle for onshore support work, including freight management.

In Oman, we have an established logistics hub and recently our Freight and Customs Manager, Mansoor Al Rawahi, coordinated a vital freight shipment for one of the largest independent oil producers in Oman, all during the religious festival of Eid Al Adha (a public holiday).

The project involved a shipment of solar turbines from the USA to Oman. The international nature of the shipment required Mansoor to work closely with his American ASCO counterpart, Freight Forwarding Manager, Stephanie O’Donnell who is based in Houston.

Stephanie commented, “We’ve worked on a few successful shipments with the ASCO Oman team recently. For this particular shipment we collected the cargo from both San Diego (California) and Houston (Texas) and consolidated it before packing it up and shipping it over to Oman. Once the shipment reached Oman, Mansoor and the Oman team took over, managing the transportation of the cargo to its final destination.” 

The main challenge for Mansoor was to coordinate and clear the shipment during the public holiday of Eid Al Adha, which required a special dispensation to be negotiated. ASCO Oman also coordinated the port transporters who used a total of 16 trucks to offload and transport the materials to the site.