Mobile Apps

We are making some of our best known publications available in digital format. Click the link for your device to download our products.

As well as the advantages of portability, the NSL Apps ensure that the user has access to the most up-to-date versions of these important industry manuals.

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Apps available now:

Rigging & Lifting

Based on the recently updated Rigging & Lifting Handbook, this App contains all of the information that has made the original an essential tool for all personnel involved in lifting operations.

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Free LOLER Matrix App

Also available for download from NSL is a free App that gives quick access to all Lifting Equipment Legislation information - a simple way to access all the information contained within NSL’s LOLER Matrix.

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Safe Cargo Handling

Based on the International Safe Cargo Handling Handbook, this App identifies the most common problems when packing and transporting cargo and gives guidance on how to do it properly.

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