ASCO’s round the clock response to emergencies

Events in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 attracted worldwide media attention. Even the US President became embroiled in the crisis. Deepwater Horizon has been described as the world’s worst oil spill, and remembering that 11 people lost their lives, there is little doubt that it has been a landmark event in the history of oil and gas exploration. 

Behind the scenes and the headlines however, many hundreds of people played their part in trying to respond to the disaster. Deepwater Horizon was a tragedy, but a lot has been learned across the industry, including at ASCO.

Rick Higgins of ASCO in Houston, commented, “It’s not only the team here, but our colleagues in Aberdeen and Singapore who worked around the clock to ensure our response to Deepwater Horizon. The response was truly global and although we never want to see another tragedy like it, we’re well placed to support such a crisis if it were to happen again.

“Right from the start of this crisis, we were brought in as the lead logistics partner. I think that’s testament to the work we’ve been doing for BP over the past 10 years here – they trusted us. We’ve been moving people, equipment – anything that is critical as part of this response – we’ve moved it.”

ASCO has since become a key partner to many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies in support of their emergency response preparedness.

For example, ASCO’s Norway business provide the storage facilities for the equipment and provide logistics support wherever the launch of cutting edge well capping equipment has to be deployed in the event of a subsea well control incident in Europe.

Runar Hatletvedt, ASCO Norway Managing Director said, “It is a great honour for us to be involved in this development. There has been tremendous collaboration throughout the industry and supply chain to bring this project to fruition”.

Keith Lewis, Project Manager, Subsea Well Response Project said, “Incident prevention is the oil and gas industry’s number one priority, but we can never be complacent. The delivery today of worldclass intervention equipment is a major milestone for technical capping capabilities, but also for industry collaboration.”

Having operations around the globe has been a major factor in ASCO being able to respond effectively. That and our experience of handling complex project freight and managing tight deadlines and flexible schedules. This is evident in the number of high profile contracts we have been awarded, including supporting large projects that include Thunder Horse, Mad Dog and BP Clair.

Rick concludes, “We often have to source materials from all over the world including the Far East. Our outreach freight operations in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia have been key in allowing us to deliver materials from all over the world - on time and on budget. I get calls from our guys in Aberdeen at 3am their time to discuss any issues. It just demonstrates the commitment that people around the Group are willing to make in times of real difficulty for customers.”