Fuelling the North Sea

ASCO has over 30 years of experience in the storage, distribution and stock management of fuels, lubricants and chemicals, handling in the region of 2 million tonnes of fuel per annum in the UK alone. We are specialists in co-mingled fuel storage and pride ourselves on the most stringent of quality control and safety management standards in this area. 

John Shade, General Manager of ASCO Fuels and Lubricants tells us more about the specialist service they provide.

“Fuel is a critical consumable in offshore oilfield operations. Supply vessels need it for power but the big users are the rigs and platforms themselves, with significant supplies needed to power their operations and, in the case of floating assets, to maintain their position. We provide a service that includes bunkermen on shift all the time to ensure availability of labour, operation supervisors in each port to ensure delivery requirements are fully met and a fuel supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.”

All fuel stored meets all requirements of ISO 8217 (2010) and tanks are turned over frequently to ensure optimum fuel quality. ASCO makes continual investment to keep ahead of all industry legislation as safety is always our number one priority.

John continues, “ASCO also has its owned and controlled storage for fuels and lubricants in the UK and products are sourced from several UK refineries to ensure quality. ASCO uses multiple suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and minimise stock outs and we have significant gas oil storage capacity across the UK.

“We stock over 1000 different product codes in stock at all times to ensure that the correct product for every application is available. As major suppliers of marine and offshore lubricants we have the technical back up to support our clients and offer a full range of sampling and diagnostics services and our fleet of delivery vehicles operate on the same 24/7 basis. These vehicles operate from strategically positioned depots around the UK meaning that we can provide an unparalleled same day / next day delivery service nationwide from the Shetland Isles to the English Channel.”

For more information on ASCO’s fuel services, contact ASCO Fuels and Lubricants on +44 (0)1224 288333.