Enviroco Eclipses All Competition with Revolutionary New Tank Cleaning System

Eclipse is a ground breaking tank cleaning system invented and developed by ASCO’s specialist brand Enviroco, to improve safety and increase turnaround times. In 2012, the innovation won the ‘Vision in Business for the environment of Scotland’ (Vibes) award.

Reducing the number of man hours spent cleaning waste tanks in potentially hazardous conditions is a big priority in the oil and gas services industry.

Eclipse is an innovative way of addressing the problem.

The system is essentially a remotely operated tank cleaning system which means the operator does not require to be in the tank during cleaning – a procedure that is potentially hazardous. It uses specially developed chemical additives to clean storage tanks both on vessels and onshore.

Eclipse started life as a scribble on the white board of Enviroco’s Industrial Services Director, Alistair Wait, who comments, “Before long, the scribble turned into a brainstorming session with a specially pulled together project team which created a technical drawing ready to be put into production. The result is something totally unique in the oil and gas tank cleaning marketplace.”

The development of Eclipse is exciting because it has huge safety, environmental and operational benefits. Recent cleaning trials have revealed a 100% success rate with a time saving of 34%. 

This means a vessel can arrive in port, be cleaned and leave again in just 100 minutes. There are environmental benefits too, thanks to the system’s water recycling capabilities.

Alistair continues, “The feedback from clients has been incredible. They are really embracing the technology and we’re actively using it shoreside with a number of major operators.”

At time of writing, Enviroco is due to take delivery of another three new machines to keep up with demand for this innovative new technology and it is currently developing an Eclipse model specifically for use offshore.

Eclipse Fast Facts:

  • It’s safer than manual tank cleaning as it’s remotely operated
  • It’s environmentally friendly, recycling the water it uses
  • Cleans using specially developed chemical additives and the latest in pumping and jetting technology
  • 34% reduction in cleaning time
  • 100 minute average vessel turnaround time
  • Travels by road or sea
  • Plans to roll-out across the globe
  • Eclipse is the result of two years research and development work