Facts & Figures

  • ASCO is the global leader in offshore supply base management. We run more bases, in more locations, for more customers than anyone else.
  • Driven by oil sands and shale discoveries, onshore drilling and production is growing rapidly around the world and we are already supporting onshore operations in North America, the Middle East and Australia. 
  • We also provide inventory and materials management services – including sophisticated analytical and optimization services 
  • We are a leading environmental services provider, focused on hazardous oilfield waste management and treatment
  • We also provide personnel, training and advisory services in both offshore and onshore markets.
  • The majority of our activities are delivered through large, multi-service long-term outsourcing contracts.
  • We work for many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies and other major service companies.
  • We operate through four regions and employ over 2000 people.
  • In 2012, our sales were £630m
  • ASCO is owned by its management and private equity investors, Doughty Hanson