Training Services

Practical Courses

A full list of our courses can be viewed online or in our UK and US directories.

To ensure the quality and consistency of our courses, our Instructors are not only specialists in their fields with a minimum of 10 years experience in rigging / crane / mechanical related operations but are also required to complete rigorous in-house training. Only when a new Instructor has satisfied their peers that the presentation and delivery is to the required NSL standard, will they be deemed suitable to present to delegates. In addition, instructors who are not already approved Skills Assessor’s will be trained as Assessors in-house, until they are ready to be formally assessed and accredited as SQA approved Skills Assessors.

eLearning Courses

We developed our own Learning Management System and now offer access to our safety awareness courses over the Internet.

eLearning is an extremely efficient way to train and learn. NSL eLearning allows individuals to learn at their own pace, to pause at any point to take notes from the on-screen course notes or stop at a convenient part in the course, then return to it at a later date.

Courses can be custom designed for individual companies by adapting one of the existing NSL courses, by taking a course the company has in place already and developing it for online delivery, or by creating brand new bespoke courses.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) gives you full control of your learners’ training. The administration area lets you fully manage your learners’ online training requirements from any computer with internet access.

We have a full suite of industrial safety awareness courses available, for example Rigging & Lifting, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Safe Cargo Handling, Injuries to Fingers & Hands, Office Safety.

We can also build custom courses to suit any training programme or induction process. If you have internet access, the web is by far the easiest and most efficient way to deliver and manage our eLearning. Both Administrators and Learners have full control via the web. Administrators can add new learners and assign courses from any computer with internet access.

Broadband is preferable for learners, but if access speeds are slow, audio can be switched off to dramatically speed things up and where internet access is not available, we can also deliver eLearning courses on CD.