About us

NSL have been providing technical expertise and training to the lifting industry for over 25 years. During these years we have developed a global network of experienced specialists working on-site and at training centres in key locations worldwide. This enables NSL to provide an unrivalled service offering technical advice, assistance, assessment, training and mentoring whenever and wherever you need it.

This experience has also translated into the development of a wide range of supporting materials; handbooks; slide packs; training manuals; computer based learning tools; posters; and videos, all of which are regularly updated in accordance with changing legislation and working practices.

NSL started out as lifting and mechanical handling specialists in 1989, and over the years has become one of the oilfield’s leading training companies and suppliers of specialist personnel. The company has expanded from an original staff of six, to approximately seventy personnel working worldwide to improve safety in lifting and mechanical handling operations and related subjects.

But NSL is not just a training company!

Unlike other training providers who generally deliver training at awareness level and are non-specialist in the subject matter, NSL are experts in all aspects of lifting and mechanical handling. With our highly skilled lifting engineers and instructors, we can perform technical reviews or audits on your lifting operations to identify any weaknesses or problems. We can then make recommendations as to how to fix them. We can also help you fix them by supplying a host of support services such as on-the-job training, provision of bespoke training courses, workplace competence assessment and mentoring. We also have support materials such as safe operating procedures, safety manuals and handbooks, safety poster sets and training DVDs.

In other words, not only can we identify your problems but we can fix them too.

When it comes to lifting, training is just one part of the safety jigsaw but when we do train, it is to the highest standards set by experts.